Moldova can be a small country within the Eastern Europe. Being an ex-soviet country, it is not easy to bypass some misconceptions relating to this beautiful little country.
Listed here are 5 common mistakes that individuals make while traveling to Moldova and tips about how to stay away from them, all from general observations.
1. Moldova just isn't Russia
About 10% of our clients appear to believe that Moldova is populated by Russians, which is always untrue. Russians represent no more than 9% of the total population, being the 3rd biggest ethnicity in Moldova (there are many Ukrainians than Russians in Moldova). However, the Russian language is famous by a big section of Moldavians.
2. Moldova just isn't as poor as people believe it is
When arriving at Moldova, many people tend to feel that Moldova can be a country where one can get anything for $5 (much like Slovakia was depicted inside the 2004 movie EuroTrip). Yes, it is true that several things less difficult less expensive than in USA for instance, but not everything. You will notice lots of luxury cars in Chisinau, more than you expect.
3. Don't just visit the first hotel which you found out about, do your homework
In Chisinau you will find over 30 different hotels, ranging in rates from $50 to $240 per night. A couple of these hotels are old and were built during the soviet era. The minute rates are pretty high, but don't expect much luxury. Do your homework on the Internet. There's a couple of complete online Chisinau hotels guides, compare rates, take note of photos and descriptions. It is best to pay 10 mins on research than curse the hotel for a few days.

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4. Not tasting Moldavian wines and champagnes
Well, it is obvious how you can fix this: taste them. The average wine costs $4-$7, with all the finer wines being in the $10-$15 range. Most sage advice would be to visit restaurants that have Moldavian cuisine. Ask the locals or on the reception desk, you will for sure find some recommendations.
5. Don't do whatever you would not do in your own home
This might be the most effective words of advice I'm able to give: avoid anything here which you wouldn't want others do in your country. All general rules apply here, much like in almost any other country. Treat individuals with respect and you will be treated with respect too.
Don't judge a magazine by its cover, this applies perfectly to Moldova, a rustic to spend some time and luxuriate in a few of the local attractions.
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